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Understanding the relevance of your lawyer's legal representation to your business' success, we have committed ourselves to helping you attain superior results in every phase of your business operations. Your corporate matters represent more than a number of signatures on stacks of papers, which have only been reviewed for the most basic legal inconsistencies and deficiencies.  Instead, our legal representation is about creating confidence in the future of your business enterprise, together with providing you with the ability to deal effectively with challenges associated with transitioning out of ownership.  Nothing is worse than committing yourself financially to a business venture without sufficient recourse and manoeuvrability to deal with problems that can and will arise.

Consultative.  We understand the challenges associated with business ownership and operations.  As such, we can ask the hard questions that need to be asked and suggest tough solutions that need to be considered to assist your business move forward.

Individualized.  Resigning yourself to accepting the standard form of agreement is rarely, if ever, in your long-term best interests.  Your business requires contractual agreements that are specific to your type of business, which not only provide you with appropriate legal protections, but are drafted to best advance your business interests for the foreseeable future.

Proactive, To Minimize Risk and Litigation.  We understand the importance of being proactive in our legal work, as the added cost involved in avoiding problems in the future, far outweighs the higher cost and aggravation that come with an avoidable legal dispute and court litigation.

Committed to Managing Overhead and Costs.  We aim for the appropriate balance when it comes to providing legal services, charging a fair rate (as opposed to the minimum rate for the minimum amount of services), while managing our overhead and costs.

Accessibility.  By optimizing technology, we have positioned ourselves to be highly accessible by both telephone and email, as well as conducting meetings at either your office or our law firm.

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The Benefits

Value of Good Legal Work

Early Lawyer Engagement

For knowledgeable and experienced legal representation in advancing your company's commercial operations, while protecting your corporation against legal attacks and other competitive challenges, contact Toronto corporate lawyer Christopher R. Neufeld at 416-887-9702 or


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